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visual artist working in photo, video, sculpture, object, installation

being me ..and you
being me ..and you

I’m an artist from the eighties. I left the classical conceptions of sculpture in the beginning with my first installations made in Warsaw in 1986.

I do mostly installations , objects, photography and video .                                                        I’m a free visual artist , I never liked the direct approach but the indirect look, the lightness confronting the heavy world in which we live, searching always the sacred, the spirituality, that inner voice which make us human, capable to grow against the stonefaced, cynical and sterile world that accepts more and more the unacceptable. Memory, identity, war and destruction, the loss of symbols confronting mass-media, the loss of ideas ,the intime memory of skin, the obssesion for bodies. Life fluids as a symbolic language for our behaviours and attitudes… as tears, blood and semen as the male dominance prevailing even now.

The next proyects from 2004 were made with the collaboration of persons, so in some ways all are social-interactive projects . :”Les Donneurs” Québec, Canada The installation was an attempt to show the clear contradictions between the nice , pure generosity as believed and the reality. 

In 2006 two more installations were produced both speaking about identity and the different perceptions in Faces /Faceless, Valencia ,   and Rotterdam and Smiling faces in Denksmalschmiede Höfgen in Germany.

The year 2007, "The bridge of words", Stúrovo, Slovakia I did work with young and old persons to acomplish an installation that will unite both communities, the one in Esztergom (Hungary) and the one in Stúrovo(Slovakia) , that have been separated by Danube, only rebuilding their physical bridge 4 years ago, “Words” and “Hidden identities” the proyect I do present to you now have been the ones to fullfill my days and to continue questioning and trying to make people to question concepts and life ideas which may be transformed or at least meditated.

Now editing “Hidden identities” and beginning “On words”.



Pain 1995
Pain 1995

Am I a political artist? No or yes? whatever you’ll think I always question in an indirect way, but about very human (¿political?) matters. Because of the story of my country, I lived part of a dictatorship, so I could be told as a leftist, as a woman who suffered male violence when young I could be as well defined as feminist… Am I all that? Yes, a large part of me could be defined as that. I’m that as a definition of my work? I doubt anyone would agree, even if it is there I do not make defined political art…   It’s a difficult question but maybe it isn’t at all! . All of us have a story, are capable of critic and observation so at the end part of all can be political in that way you affirm.